AT&T customers can finally use Amazon’s Appstore

AT&T has finally removed the shackles that prevented its customers from using the Amazon Appstore.

However, it will take a while before the move applies to all AT&T users. The carrier plans to install updates to its back catalog of phones over a period of several weeks.

Anyone who buys a brand new AT&T phone model moving forward, though, won’t have to worry about the issue at all. And that begins with the launch of Samsung’s Infuse 4G phone. Out of the box, it is the first – and so far only – AT&T phone that

Previously, the mobile provider was not compatible with Amazon’s flagship digital download service, because AT&T had a built-in restriction that prevented any apps from being installed from a third-party source.

However, the Amazon Appstore started getting more and more content, including numerous exclusive titles, putting huge amounts of pressure on AT&T to amend its policy.

The company has done exactly that. “Over the next few weeks, we will also roll out this capability to existing devices in our base for which an upgrade is possible,” AT&T confirmed in a statement.

Along with its collection of exclusive apps, the Amazon Appstore lets users download a featured Android app for free every day. Because of its advanced searching and organizational features, and better promotion opportunities, the Amazon Appstore has arguably become the leading outlet for Android apps, usurping Google’s own official Android Market.