AT&T and CDW pitch $199 3G netbooks

Dallas (TX) – CDW, a computer retailer that targets the business, government and education markets, has begun offering 3G netbooks that are subsidized by AT&T. If you agree to a 2-year service plan, you can get an Acer or HP netbook for $199.

AT&T experimented with similar offers in the past, but the company is getting now much more aggressive in pushing 3G data services to customers. CDW is offering two netbook models with integrated HSDPA 3G chips for $199, if you sign a 2-year agreement with AT&T.

The retailer also offers a Panasonic Toughbook notebook with a $150 3G discount as well as an $870 HP 3G notebook.

The subsidy offered for the two netbooks is about $150, which may be worth considering for those who are looking or a netbook with 3G service anyway. However, the required service agreement is pricey and makes the $150 discount negligible over the two year service period.

The $199 netbook deal requires customers to sign up for a $60 per month LaptopConnect plan, which includes 5 GB of data. International plans are available for $140 (100 MB in “select” countries) and $230 (200 MB in “select” countries). Exceeding the data limits can be quite expensive – each additional domestic megabyte will cost about 49 cents and each additional domestic gigabyte $503. Internationally, these numbers increase to $19.97 per megabyte and $20,447 per gigabyte.

AT&T does not offer a flat fee LaptopConnect plan.