Atom MID sells for $57, reader ahead

A Taiwanese paper is reporting that Taiwanese telecomms firm FarEasTone is selling an Atom-based MID for a mere $57.

The Taipei Times said that the machine, which uses an Atom processor, is made by BenQ and comes with a three year service contract, which explains the give away price.

But the article also reveals that FarEasTone will produce a spate of more mobile internet devices (MIDs), as well as Android phones. It wants this business area to represent 20 percent of its turnover by the end of 2009.

And it’s not stopping there. It is also likely to produce electronic readers using 3.5G technology.

Intel is quoted as saying telecomms firms are likely to subsidize these types of devices in the future – many are made by Taiwanese manufacturers including Compal, Quanta and Inventec.

The story is here.