Asus to make bid for ebook crown

Taiwanese giant Asus is readying an ebook which will only set you back about $150, if reports are to be believed.

UK newspaper the Sunday Times said yesterday that Asus is toying with an ebook that will go head on against Sony and Kindle while the device will be available in full color.

Other extras could include Internet connections, speakers and a microphone, and it could even look something like a conventional book, with a spin along the middle.

The big question is whether Asus can build the ebook at the right price – the bill of materials (BOM) includes technology which still is rather expensive because economies of scale haven’t yet brought the price of components down.

The Sunday Times article, which is here , suggests that the machine might be out before the end of the year. If that’s true, it’s really going to shake up the ebook market and concentrate the minds of vendors that currently sell rather high price devices.