Asus bullish about Windows 7 for tablets

Android and iOS may be wildly popular mobile operating systems, but Asus believes there are still a number of consumers who just can’t tear themselves away from Windows – even on a tablet.

“[Some people] don’t want Apple and they don’t want Android because they just simply want Windows – they’re used to it. There are still demands for Windows solutions,” Asus rep Julie Cheng told TechRadar.

“[So], we’re making Windows 7 tablets because we still get a lot of enquiries from corporate and end users who are just used to Windows.”

However, Cheng did concede that Android was probably the most lucrative tablet OS for the company, at least in the short-to-medium term.

“Currently, everyone is focusing on Android so we believe there are more sales on Android. 

“But we still want to have a Windows solution for those who really can’t use other OS’s. We don’t expect big sales like for the Android tablets, but we still want to have a product like this in our line-up,” she added.