Are ACs Really Better Than Ceiling Fans?

Along with the summer’s heat, we will always be trying to find ways to cool ourselves. The options range from hand-fan to air-conditioning (AC). And regardless of our choices, we all have one purpose in mind, which is to cool ourselves against summer’s notorious heat.

Two of the most debated options are ceiling fans and AC. Though both are great cooling source, it’s undeniable that each one has their own pros and cons that distinguish them from each other. Therefore, let us take our times to discover what both devices can contribute to our need.

Firstly, when comparing both, most would have preferred AC because it is cooler, but we should not judge too hastily, ceiling fans are also a great option.

Taking a look at ceiling fans, the highlight of this fan is that it is the cheapest and easiest way of cooling yourself. By looking at the power consumption itself, the usage of ceiling fan is significantly lower compared to an air conditioner, thus will reduce the electricity bill and help you to stick to your budgets.

Nowadays, ceiling fans come with various design and looks. By choosing ceiling fans your choices are expanded to several designs and thus you are able to choose the right design that matches the room that you want the ceiling fan to be installed. From modern looking fans, to classical antiques ceiling fans, the designs are available at an affordable price.

Besides being a treat for the eyes to look at, ceiling fans are useful to dissuade flying pest such as flies and mosquitoes that can be annoying. The reason behind this is because ceiling fans does not increase the temperature of the room, but rather circulate the airflow within the room to give windy and cool breeze [power house fans]. This will help to dissuade the flies from trying to fly within a room due to the air circulation.

On another hand, just like the majority of choices nowadays, air conditioners are also a perfect companion for those who cannot stand the heat. Despite being more expensive compared to the ceiling fans, their high expenses comes with high benefits.

Unlike ceiling fans that consist of blades that spins, the air conditioner looks more like a box stuck to a wall. But what’s inside the box is what makes it more advantageous. Firstly because, an air conditioner is equipped with air filters, thus the air is free from dust and dirt particles, bacteria, and all other pollutant. Thus, this will create a healthy and fresh environment within the room the air conditioner is installed. A clean environment contributes to the well-being of a person, that is why, by using air conditioner, the health of a person is maintained especially for those who have asthma or allergies.

Since the ceiling fans consists of blades, therefore, noise will be inevitable due to the air friction between the blade and the air. However, the air conditioners are mostly equipped with a noise-cancelling feature which can reduce the noise to a minimum until zero-noise setting. This feature will help create a peaceful atmosphere to help you concentrate more in your work or to help you sleep better. Thus, with such a cool and peaceful atmosphere, it will undoubtedly reduce your stress level.

A major plus on the air conditioner is that the temperature can be controlled. The temperature of the air-conditioner can be controlled to a preferred level to ensure your comfort. Especially during summer’s heat or within a country that have a hot climate, this feature is extremely desirable to endure the heat. This feature will also help to prevent heat strokes especially on extreme weathers. If the temperature is humid and not too hot, you can adjust the air-conditioner to be at a higher temperature. Some air conditioners nowadays also posses the eco-friendly feature which can hep to reduce power usage.

Putting it in a nutshell, the competition between ceiling fans versus air conditioners will never achieve a conclusion despite each other’s advantages. This is because the choice is yours to make, and which ever device you use, as long as it serves the purpose to cool you off, then it will always be the best choice you can make.