Apps that help students with final exams on Android and iPhone

College and high school students love smartphones and hate final exams. It was only a matter of time before someone tried combining the two.

Now students can use innovative apps on their smartphones that will help them prepare for exams by allowing them to study their notes and online flashcards created or saved on, wherever and whenever they want.


The iPhone, iPod Touch and Android apps have been tested by thousands of students all over the world and StudyBlue has included their feedback. The most common request from students was “offline study mode,” which lets them view their most recent materials when no Internet connection is available.

Rebekah, a college student studying abroad in South Africa, used the StudyBlue iPhone app to finish a difficult course load that covered two new languages.

“I’ve been using StudyBlue for about a school year now, and I just wanted to thank you for creating such an easy and truly useful way of studying. Using your app on my iPhone, I have studied all over the world – even when no wi-fi is available!”

Susan Dillon, a high school English teacher in Modesto, California was among the first high school teachers to use StudyBlue in her classroom. She saw greater engagement with studying and improved quiz scores.

“I am amazed that students now ‘recommend’ that I use StudyBlue for a myriad of activities and that they wish their other teachers would use it. Vocabulary quiz grades improved. I believe the immediacy and efficacy of and its mobile applications have contributed to this success.”

Features of the StudyBlue App are:

•    Offline Mode. Freedom to study your online flashcards and notes even when there’s no Internet.

•    Multimedia Flashcards. Makes it easy to study photos, diagrams, and audio.

•    Search. Find online flashcards and notes to supplement your own.

•    Class management. Add and remove classes from your account.

•    Messages. The ability to contact classmates to collaborate.

StudyBlue views their free app as digital backpack that puts all of your study materials online and on your phone. It offers a new way for students to study in the digital age and it just might help students all over the world get better grades. At the very least it will give them another reason to play with their phones.

How they use it is up to them.