Apple’s iPhone sweeps the board in smartphone sales

A survey of 2300 retail stores reveals that Apple has cleaned up in the smartphone market in Japan.

According to, market research company BCN surveyed the market and said the iPhone 3G 8GB, sold by Softbank, easily came in at number one. Second in line was the 16GB iPhone, while the NTT CoCoMo Aquos SH-04A came in at number three.

The report said that while ordinary cellphone sales are plummeting, smartphone sales have grown by nearly 80 percent in a year.

Apple released the iPhone 3G in July last year and it’s estimated that over a million have sold in Japan since then.

The appeal is not only the iPhone’s ability to download music, games software and other applications, but also a plan Softbank devised to cut the price of handsets and slash the price of the communications tariff.

In the list of the top 10 devices that are best sellers in Japan, the Blackberry Bold comes in at number six, while Taiwanese company HTC has blagged four of the top 10 slots.