Apple’s iPhone 4S is screaming fast

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 4S features a dual-core A5 CPU which clocks in at 800MHz and runs significantly faster than the iPhone 4. 

The next-gen handset was benchmarked by the crew at AnandTech and boasted an overall Geekbench score of 623.

However, the iPhone 4S processor is underclocked slightly slower than the 1GHz A5 CPU powering the iPad 2, which hit an impressive 751.

“This naturally makes sense as the iPhone 4S has a much smaller 5.25 Whr battery. Based on the Geekbench results it looks like the iPad 2 is clocked around 25% higher than the iPhone 4S, pegging the latter’s clock speed at 800MHz,” wrote Anand Lal Shimpi & Brian Klug of AnandTech.

“A lower clock not only means higher yields from the factory, but likely a lower operating voltage as well. Dropping a CPU’s core voltage yields a greater-than-linear decrease in power consumption, making the marginal loss in clock speed a good choice.”

In terms of graphics processing capabilities, the iPhone 4S claimed 73.1 while the iPhone 4 weighed in at 11.2, and in another the iPhone 4S clocked a score of 122.7, compared to 15.3 for the iPhone 4.

As AppleInsider’s Sam Oliver points out, GPU scores for the iPhone 4S – like the overall CPU score – were slightly slower than the iPad 2.

Still, it handily beat the competition, including the Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Infuse 4G, and Motorola Droid Bionic, all of which feature chips with higher clock speeds.

Fortunately, the iPhone 4s will also offer a significant boost in performance for Apple’s Mobile Safari browser.

As AnandTech’s SunSpider Javascript Benchmark test scores indicate (lower is better), the iPhone 4S earned 2222, compared to 3921 for the iPhone 4 and 5785 for the iPhone 3GS.