Apple’s Antennagate marks the end of an era

Whether or not Steve Jobs intentionally deceived, inveigled and obfuscated is irrelevant. Antennagate – in all its embarrassing and over-hyped glory – clearly marks the end of a golden era for Apple.

Yes, unrepentant fanbois will undoubtedly continue to worship at the altar of Saint Steven Jobs and pay homage to Club Cupertino.

But the rest of the world is likely to think twice before purchasing another shiny Apple product before it has been properly tested and reviewed.

Indeed, as analyst Jack E. Gold told TG Daily, Apple “needs to do better” by honestly acknowledging problems, issues and glitches when they are first reported.  

“While the majority of iPhone 4 users seem to be [pleased] with their devices, that is no excuse for Apple to have obfuscated the antenna problems that created issues for users particularly in weak signal areas,” explained Gold.

“Apple claims to be much better than everyone else in the industry and the only one to do it the right way. Sorry, Steve, but you can’t have it both ways. Yes, all phones in weak signal areas have issues to a greater or lesser extent. But they don’t claim to be perfect and the best phone ever invented.”

According to Gold, the use of statistics – when “spun” differently – indicate that the iPhone 4 actually does cause significant degradation in calling and substantially increases dropped calls.

“Bottom line: Apple needs to do better and acknowledge when there is a problem to keep its customers happy long term.

“Otherwise, while it may not lose its most loyal fan base, those customers who may be looking at iPhone because of its reputation could easily be swayed at looking at competing devices,” he added.