Apple users search their dates’ murky pasts

A new application for the iPhone will enable fanboys to use their gizmos as “sleaze detectors”.

Intelius, which has a database to conduct background checks, has created a DateCheck application that lets the phones expose information people are hiding. Katherine Herman said during an on-stage demonstration that DateCheck is ‘tougher on my dates than her Dad was’.

DateCheck can stick the person’s names and telephone numbers into database to uncover whether people seeking romantic connections fail to mention criminal pasts or the fact they are still married. It lists crimes including sexual assaults, drug arrests, and drunken driving.

The tool is designed to be handy to tell if your online date is trouble, the because invasion of privacy caused by actually asking might cause offence.  If you are a real gold digger you can press a button and find out how big your date’s house is, the home’s price and even how much real estate tax is paid.

We guess that the sort of person who would find this functionality useful is the sort of person who lives with their mom and rarely dates live mammals.