Apple TV update addresses six minor tweaks

There’s a new software update for the Apple TV which fixes a handful of stability problems for the video streaming device.

Titled build 4.2.2, it is deemed a relatively minor update to the device, which was previously sitting at version 4.2. Among the issues solved are audio and video playback problems associated with the streaming of “some content,” according to Apple. Additionally, when streaming live events, there is new added flexibility for playback control.

Here’s the full list of issues addressed, as noted by Apple:

* Audio: Addresses an issue in which audio is not output when playing some video content.

* Video playback: Addresses an issue in which video is not displayed when playing some content.

* Audio output setting: Adds an audio output setting for switching to 16-bit audio for compatibility with some TVs and AV receivers.

* Live FF/RW improvements: Improves the performance of fast-forwarding and rewinding live events.

* Movie description: Addresses an issue in which the description information is not displayed for some movies.

* YouTube video order: Addresses an issue in which YouTube subscription videos were not ordered by date.

The new Apple TV is assumed to have sold moderately well, after Apple’s original attempt at a set-top box was deemed an outright failure. Today’s market is much thirstier for Internet-powered TV content and Apple is catering to that market. It’s expected the company will continue offering new content that is linked between iOS-powered devices and Apple TV in the coming months.