Apple to unveil iPhone 5, but what else?

 It’s pretty much a given at this point that Apple will show off its newest iPhone in early October, but what else does it have up its sleeve?

Almost every major publication has reported the same thing now – we’ll see the new iPhone very soon. But what remains unclear is what the phone will actually be called.

Most people are eager to refer to it as the iPhone 5, but some still contend that it might instead be an upgraded version of the iPhone 4 and carry a name like the “iPhone 4S.”

Then again, there is also an idea floating around that the company might do both – some sort of iPhone 4 upgrade, and then a much more powerul iPhone 5, both of which will be revealed together.

It seems, however, that earlier suggestions of an iPad 3 unveiling will fall flast, leaving Apple to unveil two phones but no tablet.

This latest speculation comes from JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, which we noted last week

So it seems no one has any doubt that the new iPhone announcement is imminent, but clearly there is still room for Apple to surprise us. We’ll wait and see what happens. If Moskowitz’s predictions are true, it is the perfect way to highlight what Apple’s position in the mobile market is right now. First off, when it comes to tablets, it remains the big man on campus. There’s no need to launch a new iPad because the current model is doing perfectly well and not in any real danger.

But on the smartphone side of things, Android has proven to be a hugely formidable competitor, and Apple may be realizing that it cannot stay competitive with only one current iPhone product on the market at any given time. By offering a wider selection of handsets, it will improve its position in a market where dozens of Android handsets rush in every year.