Apple pushes to bring movies to iCloud

Apple is in the process of trying to woo movie studios to encourage them to allow titles to be hosted on Apple servers.

If the company can accomplish such a feat, it means there could soon be a feature that allows users to stream movies just like they can with Apple’s existing iCloud music service.

The LA Times reports that Apple has made significant headway in its discussions and could potentially launch iCloud movie streaming within just a few months.

Apple reportedly agreed to pay as much as $150 million in advance payments to music labels in order to get them to agree to allow Apple to make their music available on a cloud-based storage service.

It’s unclear if the company is offering a similar financial incentive to the big movie studios, but given how inflexible they usually are with this kind of stuff, it would seem likely.

Taking mobile storage to the cloud makes more sense than any other sector of consumer electronics, because by its very nature the content on mobile devices is more likely to need to be accessed elsewhere.

Cloud storage and cloud access is becoming an increasingly popular trend, and is expected to continue to grow.