Apple pushes back white iPhone release, again

Don’t think this means Apple is going to fix the antennas with the white iPhone, or that Apple is racist, but it has yet again delayed the availability of the white iPhone.

“White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have continued to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected, and as a result they will not be available until later this year. The availability of the more popular iPhone 4 black models is not affected,” said Apple in a statement.

The white iPhone 4 was supposed to come out very soon after the original iPhone 4 launched last month. However, Apple issued a press release last month that said due to unexpected problems it would be pushed back. Now, the company is saying it won’t be available until even later.

Rumors are bound to shoot out that Apple will use this time to fix the antenna problems in the white version of the phone, but that seems extraordinarily unlikely, not only because that would entail a complete overhaul of the phone specs and construction but also because that would also mean that Apple would admit there was a problem, which it has stubbornly refused to do in the face of thousands of critics.

And even though there was so much hoopla over the iPhone 4’s antenna “scandal,” Apple’s profit rose 78% year-over-year in the most recent quarter.