Apple plans iPod nano with camera

Cupertino, California – Apple is rumored to be planning an iPod nano that includes a digital camera.

According to iLounge, the new models will have a flash-less camera on the back. While the functionality looks to be limited, the company is presumably hoping that the move would boost demand for photo-related apps.

They will appear later this summer with wider screens than their predecessors, conforming to the standard photographic ratio of 3:2. Apparently the click wheel will also be smaller, with a smaller button.

The new fifth generation iPod is expected to be announced at next week’s annual developers’ conference in San Francisco and to launch at the end of the summer.

The company is also said to be planning new iPhone models to conform with different network configurations around the world – 3G, enhanced 3G and mainland China – and with matte plastic bodies that will be less prone to scratching.

Apple won’t comment, as usual.