Apple planning "small" iPad 2 reveal? Blasphemy!

If the rumors are true, Apple’s big reveal for the next version of the iPad will be low on the fanfare, but since it is Apple it will probably still be really big on the lofty marketing speak and second-coming-of-Jesus PR phrases.

Apple isn’t known for holding extremely lavish media events. Most of the big announcements come from its modest theater at the Cupertino corporate campus. However, they’re still usually packed with journalists, Steve Jobs, and huge “wait for it, wait for it!” moments.

Japanese blog, which has leaked correct Apple details in the past, says, according to a translation, that Apple “seems to open a small event to introduce next generation of iPad.” The event, it ascertained, will be some time in March.

That would quash earlier speculation that the iPad 2 was on track for a release date in February. Also, with Steve Jobs currently out of the Apple picture, there isn’t going to be a whole lot of buzz about the iPad.

In fact, with products like the Galaxy Tab, the Xoom, and the G-Slate, iPad is king of looking like old news right now. It isn’t like the iPhone where people have been desperately waiting for the new model.

And we’re more excited to hear about the glasses-free 3D tablets that Apple is unlikely to join with the iPad 2.

Nevertheless, we’re still curious about how Apple will improve its tablet, and are still sure that anything Apple says at this small event will be over-the-top and arrogant as always. [[Apple]]