Apple now allows international order and delivery to 20 countries, but not Canada

Cupertino (CA) – Like
many companies which operate both online and physical stores internationally,
Apple has only allowed online shoppers to buy gear
that’s shipped to their own country. This has prohibited oversea
users from buying at U.S. Apple online stores privileged with low prices — due to weak dollar. This policy won’t change in the foreseeable
future, although U.S.-based residents can now use Apple’s online store to buy
gadgets for delivery in 20 countries scattered throughout Europe and
Southeast Asia. And, we don’t know why Canada isn’t on the list
of supported countries.

Although no official announcement has been
made, several readers have noticed Apple’s online store now
features a new option allowing U.S.-based customers to buy the latest
Apple gear for their overseas friends. The system, appropriately dubbed Cross Bordering,
circumvents Apple’s standing policy that has so far prohibited international buyers
from shopping outside of their localized online stores where, in the past, U.S.-based shoppers weren’t able to purchase gadgets and have them shipped to a friend or relative studying in France, for example.

The new Cross Border section
allows U.S.-based buyers to purchase
directly on localized stores for any of the
15 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France,
Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom) and 4 countries in
Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand). Mexico is
also supported but — interestingly — Canada isn’t. [Weird, eh? It’s like Apple’s telling you to take off. -Editor]

“Now it’s easy to give iPod and Mac gifts to friends and family in
Mexico, Europe, and Southeast Asia,”
Apple said. “Simply visit the Apple Online Store
of the destination country.”

system is pretty straightforward. U.S. shoppers visit the online Apple store of the destination country to buy stuff
using Visa, MasterCard or American Express issued
by U.S. banks (debit cards and other payment methods are not

“If you don’t speak the language, no problem. Just place your order with an Apple Online Store expert,” says
Apple. Your purchase is billed in the currency of the
destination country at an exchange rate determined by your bank at the
time the order is settled. For example, if you are shipping to a friend
in Dublin, you will shop
on the Apple Online Store for Ireland to be billed in Euros. Any
additional charges for an international transaction are determined by
banking partners and the issuer of your credit card. The fact that you’re shipping locally could even overcome the oversea shipping rates required previously.