Apple iOS 4.3 update coming next month. Already?

After having just released version 4.2 of its iPhone/iPad software, Apple is already looking ahead to a new update and may be ready to push it out in just a couple weeks.

According to a supposed insider at Apple blog Macstories, iOS 4.3 will be available as early as the second week in December.

We’re not exactly sure what would come to this update, considering 4.2 was just released a matter of days ago. However, Macstories says one thing that will come is the advent of in-app subscriptions. That is, users can sign up for paid subscriptions in an iPhone or iPad app, something developers have been asking for for a while.

It sounds more like 4.3 will be a maintenance update, though, to fix a number of still-unresolved bugs, and improving performance. There probably won’t be a lot of new features considering 4.2 was a very feature-rich update.

Additionally, 4.2 already brought with it some unforeseen glitches, such as bugs with Wi-Fi connectivity, so this quick new update will probably address some back-end hole-filling that was caused from the earlier upgrade.

There’s some speculation the 4.3 update may come as a result of the launch of News Corp’s new iPad-exclusive newspaper Daily, which should be on December 9. Apple is extremely on board for that project and is poised to do all it can to help News Corp succeed in that endeavor. News Corp may be asking for some features in its rollout of the new publication, and this upcoming update could address those.

For now, it’s nothing more than a rumor, but we’ll see what happens next month.