Apple ‘helped Mafia to send death threats’

It has been claimed that Apple has helped the Mafia to send the digital equivalent of a horse’s head to iPod owners who the mob did not like.

Ars Technica reports that Apple has been sued in the Missouri Eastern District Court, which alleges that Apple aided and abetted the Mafia to transmit death threats directly to Gregory McKenna’s iPod mini.

According to court documents McKenna worked for a modeling agency in New York, which he claims is a front run by the Mob. One day they stopped paying him so he quit and moved back home to St. Louis in 2000.

Apparently Mafia members showed up at a St Louis nightclub to threaten McKenna to return to work for them, both as a model and a homosexual sex slave.

McKenna called the cops, the FBI and the Department of Justice and was ignored. However McKenna was convinced that the Mob has his home and car bugged. The bugs were later found by a private eye.

McKenna is also convinced that Apple adds ‘illegal receivers’ to its iPods to allow the Mafia to send clear, audible death threats through the portable media player.

McKenna bought an iPod shuffle in 2005 via eBay and an iPod mini that he claims to have bought in 2006 new from an Apple Store. He claims that both devices contain illegal receivers that Apple built in at the request of the Mob.

The messages being broadcasted were recorded. They had Mafia members sending death threats to his iPod mini stating, “I’m about to kill him,” in unison with a song he was listening to.

McKenna is representing himself in the case in which he demands $14.3 million in total damages from ten defendants, including $550,000 per year in lost wages that are the direct result of the elaborate conspiracy against him.

Good luck with that.