Apple eyes HTML5 mobile makeover

Apple has tasked its newly formed “creative technology” team with designing interactive HTML5-based content for iOS-powered mobile devices.

As AppleInsider notes, Club Cupertino is currently seeking a tech manager to lead the nascent team and “spearhead” HTML5 development on Apple’s (notoriously) Flash-less website. 

“This individual will be responsible for driving web-standard (HTML5) innovation that enhances and redefines the marketing of Apple’s products and services to millions of consumers,” a job listing spotted by AI reads. 

“Work will also include exploring opportunities with, email and mobile/multi-touch experiences on the iPhone and iPad.”

In addition, the future manager is expected to lead a team that will develop interactive prototypes for HTML5 websites, while “evaluating innovative ideas and approaches to standards-based” development.

“Apple’s promotion of HTML5 is [clearly] part of the company’s stance against Adobe Flash, which Chief Executive Steve Jobs slammed as unfit for mobile devices in a letter published earlier this year,” explained AppleInsider’s Neil Hughes.

“When the iPad launched earlier this year, Apple also [debuted] a new section of its website to show off other sites that are iPad ready. Many of the featured sites offer embedded HTML5 video, and all of them rely on Web standards, including CSS3 and JavaScript, without relying on Flash.”