Apple becomes a bigger crybaby, attacks Droid X

Apparently Apple still needs to feel better about itself after its iPhone 4 press conference earlier this month, as it is now seemingly on a mission to belittle every other smartphone on the market.

In what has become one of the most childish responses to a serious internal error in the history of consumer electronics, Apple has refused to accept any sort of fault for designing its newest iPhone in such a way that it makes it easy to accidentally obscure the device’s antenna reception.

Instead, it has called out practically every other major player in the smartphone industry and shouted out, “Yeah, well they suck too!” (Not a direct quote)

Like a playground bully with no friends, Apple seems to have gotten a new high from doing this, and now the company has actually devoted a whole team of resources to create a video that shows how Motorola’s Droid X supposedly suffers from the same “Death Grip” problem:

What this very misleading video does not show is that the Droid X’s antenna is embedded at the very bottom of the back of the phone. Look at the way this hand is gripping the phone. When actually on a call, most users don’t have their hand clamped over the bottom of the phone.

This video, however, makes it look like the problem is exactly the same as the iPhone 4, on which the antenna is embedded into the edge of the phone, where most people do actually hold a phone when they’re using it to talk.

Apple already got a much better reception than it deserved to after its press conference. There is no need for these petty, childish attacks against people who managed to avoid the very obvious design flaw that the iPhone 4 has. Apple should just move on and let the dust settle. It has already done more than enough to make this issue worse than it ever was.