Apple alarm bug continues to hit users

We’re always being told that people don’t get enough sleep nowadays, and Apple seems determined to do its bit to put things right.

The iPhone’s one-off alarm function has been failing to go off since January 1. The problem’s also affected some iPod alarms. The problem seems primarily to affect iPhone 4s which have received the latest software update.

Twitter’s been buzzing over the weekend with users saying they’ve been made late for work, church services or flights by the bug. A hotelier found starving guests waiting impatiently in the dining room; a pastor was late for church.

Apple said it was aware of the problem, which it said could be fixed by setting a recurring rather than a one-off alarm. In any case, it said, the problem would disappear of its own accord on 3 January.

But reports are continuing to come in of users made late for work – or for shopping in the sales – this morning.

“My iPod Touch iOS4.2 now works as of 10am, Jan 3 in Europe (ET/GMT+1). Didn’t work this morning -> when Apple said that it would work again Jan 3, I guess they had to be more specific,” says one user on the company’s discussion website.

It’s the second time in three months that Apple users have woken up in a fluster. As countries moved to change their clocks in October and November, the alarm failed to follow suit, waking users in the southern hemisphere an hour earlier than usual and giving northern users an hour’s lie-in.