Android-powered Infuse 4G may be an AT&T game changer

AT&T is just about ready to launch the Infuse 4G, a new phone that takes it to the next level.

As its name very obviously suggests, the device will run on AT&T rather nascent 4G network, taking advantage of improved connectivity that makes the Infuse the fastest AT&T phone to date.

AT&T’s network is operated by what’s known as the HSPA+ mobile infrastructure, which is the same as T-Mobile’s network.

Verizon, meanwhile, uses a network standard called LTE, and Sprint uses WiMax. All of them have their benefits and drawbacks, though there is no mistake as to who gets the faster connection. Verizon’s network and the LTE standard blow the competition out of the water. However, the process of adding this connectivity throughout the country is extremely expensive.

T-Mobile and AT&T, meanwhile, are practically able to just flip a switch to turn on service throughout the United States.

Another interesting feature about the Infuse 4G is that it will reportedly be able to run Android apps that are installed from a third-party source, like Amazon’s Appstore.

To date, AT&T customers have been the only ones unable to buy Android apps from Amazon, because of the restriction from AT&T that prevents apps from being installed from any source other than directly from the Android Market.

The Infuse 4G will retail for $199 after a two-year contract subsidy.