Android phones selling at a rate of 2 per second

The fact that 600,000 iPhone 4 devices were pre-ordered in one day is nothing short of astounding, but Google’s CEO says that on a daily basis, Android sales are fare outpacing the iPhone.

It’s no mistake that Verizon presented two new Droid phones today, the day before the launch of the iPhone 4. It’s also not a coincidence that Google CEO Eric Schmidt appeared on CNBC to talk about the success of the Android platform.

“We have more than 160,000 of these things shipping globally every day. The momentum is phenomenal,” he said.

Android is the second best selling mobile OS in the US, raking in 28% of all smartphone sales. Blackberry takes the top spot at 36% but the iPhone only takes 21%.

Of course, Android spans dozens of devices across all levels of the smartphone market and almost every major carrier and manufacturer, while the iPhone OS only exists on a couple devices made by Apple and available only through AT&T.

Android’s best-selling device, the Droid, is consistently at the #2 spot on smartphone sales charts, well behind the iPhone but well ahead of the rest of the competition.

Android has been criticized because of fragmentation across devices, with app support and firmware upgrades not universally accessible. That’s doing little to slow its momentum, though. The mobile market continues to become more aggressive and competitive, and it’s leading to great things for the consumer.