Android Market: Now serving 100,000 apps

Google’s wildly popular Android market has hit a major milestone: over 100,000 apps and counting!

Of course, the Android market still lags far behind Apple’s iOS store, which reportedly contains more than 250,000 applications.

Still, as Phandroid’s Kevin Krause notes, 100K is a “pretty darn impressive” turning point.

“Let’s put this in perspective: at it’s launch new Android users could expect a selection of no more than 20,000 applications. By my math that’s a 500 percent increase in available applications in under year,” wrote Krause.

“[Yes], the Android Market still trails Apple’s AppStore by about 150,000 available applications, but the argument that Android is lacking in the apps department is [very] quickly becoming moot.”

And as Andronica’s Andrew Kameka correctly points out, a 100,000+ Android Market is probably 999,950 apps more than you’ll ever need.

“There’s plenty of crap in the market – as there are in every OS app store or any place where products are sold – that people will never care to download. 

“However, this number represents the large amount of choices available in the Market and signals that more are on the way,” he added.