Android Market coming to Google TV: why it matters

A major new feature is on the way to Google’s TV operating system that will allow users and developers to have more access to content tailored specifically for the big screen platform.

Logitech’s Google TV product manager Ashish Arora said yesterday that a specialized version of the Android Market will be coming to Google TV products in the “very short term,” reports tech blog Gear Live.

“It will happen shortly. It’s a given that it will happen this year, 100 percent,” Arora confirmed.

Google TV has failed to gain any significant ground in the marketplace. Despite being notably more expensive than other TVs, Google TV products do not have 3D support and are bulkier than other Internet-connected TVs.

So far, the only company selling TVs with Google TV built-in is Sony. Other manufacturers were ready to announce their products at CES earlier this year, but Google urged them to hold off on those announcements. The search giant has not been happy with the way Google TV was received.

Part of the problem is even though Google TV is powered by an Android-based infrastructure, the number of apps is limited. By opening it up more and making it easier for developers and users to have access to other content, it could raise the profile of Google TV.