Android-iPhone hybrid spotted in the wild

A talented hacker belonging to the Dev Team has managed to boot Google’s Android OS on Apple’s iPhone.

“I’ve been working on this quietly in the background…and it should be pretty simple to port forward to the iPhone 3G,” explained David Wang (aka ‘planetbeing’).

“The 3GS will take more work. Hopefully with all this groundwork laid out, we can make Android a real alternative or supplement for iPhone users. Maybe we can finally get Flash.”

Yeah, are you listening Apple?!The masses want Flash!

However, Wang cautioned that the installation of openiboot appeared to be “failing” on certain iPhone models with the current version of the hack.

“This is being investigated (I can’t reproduce it on my own phone), but meanwhile you can just do a ‘tethered boot.’

“[So], in openiboot console, don’t install but do !zImage, kernel, !android.img.gz, ramdisk, boot ‘console=tty root=/dev/ram0 init=/init rw” (after installing the other images to the second partition).'”