Android has most free apps, Blackberry apps most expensive

Mobile app analytics research firm (yes, one exists) Disitmo has released some interesting statistics about the pricing structure for all major app platforms. Among the findings is the fact that more than half of Android’s apps are free.

57% of all apps on the Android Market, according to Distimo. That’s nearly double the level of any other app store. Palm’s ratio of free apps ranked second at 32%. As for the iPhone? One in four of its apps are free. And the platform with the least free offering is Nokia’s Ovi, with 85% of its apps costing money.

These numbers open up some interesting thoughts. It would seem to suggest that the majority of Android developers take advantage of the open-source platform and create their own apps just for the fun of it. Meanwhile, others may see it as a less-commercially-viable outlet for premium content.

Distimo also crunched together the average price of all paid apps among the platforms. Blackberry’s apps topped the chart, with the average app costing $8.26. It comes as no surprise as the platform with the most business and enterprise consumers. Windows Mobile was second with an average app price of $6.99. All other operating systems clocked in at under $4.