Android Gingerbread update goes stale

Do you remember waiting eagerly for Google to push out its long awaited Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update?

Well, it seems as if the update may have already gone stale, as a number of users with Gingerbread-powered devices are reporting “delayed responses” when making phone calls.

According to Phandroid’s Chris Chavez, the error typically occurs after a call has been connected on both ends and remains for approximately 3 seconds.

“It appears that Google may be giving the affected group of owners the run-around, pointing them in the direction of various help forums. However, what first seemed like just another Nexus One problem seems to be a little more widespread,” wrote Chavez.

“I for one can vouch for this issue after running a custom Gingerbread ROM on my Evo, I am definitely familiar with this problem.”

Meanwhile, PocketNow’s Stephen Schenck expressed disappointment that Google has utterly failed to address the issue in a timely manner.

“We would expect Google to be all over fixing a problem like this in one of its own products. Instead, after dozens of users posted their bug reports to Google’s tracker, all the company has managed to do is tell them that they need to post bugs as Nexus One issues rather than general Gingerbread issues; not exactly helpful. 

“We look forward to someone at Google finally taking responsibility for following this problem through to resolution, and getting its users the fix they need.”

Schenck’s dismay was loudly echoed on Google’s official forum, with users voicing their frustration over Mountain View’s condescending attitude. 

“That is pretty funny,” complained JustinRossetti. “Over 100 people report this bug and Google just told us to ‘go away.'”

And an angry forum participant named “Kor” emphasized that the “delayed response” issue was only one of many bugs plaguing Android 2.3.

“That’s all you have to say to one of the many issues that made the so called ‘Superphone’ N1 a piece of junk since upgrading to Gingerbread?

“These issues are a only a few examples of bugs that are plaguing me now for roundabout two months since the Gingerbread update without any ambitions from Google fixing it and making me a satisfied customer.”

Note:Vodafone has halted an upgrade to Android 2.3 for Samsung’s Galaxy S, citing multiple OS errors.