Android fanboi crashes Apple party

An Android fanboi and his girlfriend managed to infiltrate a heavily guarded Apple store and deface several “magical” iPads with digital Android graffiti and wallpaper.

Although TG Daily neither condones or condemns the amusing incident, we can’t help but note that such activity is certainly more productive than crashing a boring wedding or depressing funeral in an ill-fitting suit.

And we all know that Apple’s infamous walled garden isn’t exactly a bastion of liberty and Justice for All.

Indeed, as Richard Stallman hypothesized back in 1991, all “generally useful information” should be free.

“By ‘free’ I am not referring to price, but rather to the freedom to copy the information and to adapt it to one’s own uses,” the erudite Stallman opined.

“[Because] when information is generally useful, redistributing it makes humanity wealthier no matter who is distributing and no matter who is receiving.”

Are you listening Steve?