Android activations now a staggering 300K per day

The people behind the scenes at Google’s mobile division certainly have their hands full right now as their system is now powering up 300,000 new devices each and every day.

That’s what Google engineering VP and Android poster boy Andy Rubin wrote in a quick Twitter message. It is a stunningly high number and highlights just how much the little platform is continuing to grow.

Just this past summer, Google was touting that 200,000 Android gadgets were getting activated every day. That’s a huge jump in a very short period of time.

In September, Apple noted it was activating 230,000 iOS devices – iPhones and iPads – every day. If that number is still on the mark, then this news is pretty big.

Either way, though, Android continues to astound everyone. Just like almost everything Google does, it is going beyond expectations.

In addition to all the Android phones, this number would appear to also include all those Android-powered tablets, most notably the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as well as Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader, which uses a specialized version of the Google mobile OS.

The only real to question is – how high can it go?