Analyst: App store revenue to double

Between the iTunes and App Store, there will be a lot of money rolling through mobile app channels.

That’s the conclusion of research firm Canalys, which estimates the combined revenue through both channels will be $14.1 billion next year.

How much growth is that over this year? It’s nearly double. According to Canalys, the marketplaces are expected to bring in about $7.3 billion in 2011.

These figures include direct app purchases from the storefronts themselves, as well as purchases that are directed through the marketplace via in-app content, plus all monies paid for subscription-based content that was triggered through the App Store or Android Market.

It’s one of the fastest growing sectors in the entire tech landscape right now, and has already made some instant millionaires out of what were previously tiny start-up companies like Rovio and Chillingo.

But the growth isn’t going away anytime soon, Canalys said. In fact, by 2015, app store revenue will reach $36.7 billion according to its predictions.

When you consider most apps and add-on content only charge users a couple bucks, that’s huge.