An artificial Intelligence ‘nose’ that keeps records of different scents

Artificial Intelligence is growing at an extremely fast pace that a lot of people are worried about its impact. For now, we can just rejoice because AI is being used for good things. Just as the future is bright, it can also be bleak – so care must be taken.

Think humans and animals are the only things that can identify a scent? AIs are doing it now. An electronic nose is being developed by a group of researchers from Russia. They are using neural networks from deep learning to develop AI noses that can recognize a scent.

Neural networks are a very complex field to study, but these Russian researchers are on the path to success with this digital nose. Among other things, this is what the electronic nose would do:

  • Identify and remember new scent
  • Since the system might have sniffed some scents, the AI scans its database to find matching scents.
  • The ability to differentiate between hazardous and non-hazardous scents
  • Taking appropriate measures when a matching smell is identified (like giving an alert).
  • If the AI cannot find a matching scent, then the scent would be labeled as new by the nose.

Not just any kind of digital nose

This project differs from other digital noses. One main differentiating factor of this one is that it can identify different scents at an instant, unlike others that might have to identify scents one by one.

This is an AI device that is also beyond just identifying scents. It is thought to differentiate between non-hazardous and hazardous scents, and keep them in memory.

The best uses

This device would help a lot of people working in different fields. For those working in laboratories with harmful gases, this device will help identify unsafe gas fast and then give an alert for any human being to evacuate.

The digital nose is also a good device, let’s call it a digital alert, for people working in enclosed spaces like the mines. Thus, it would help alert workers whenever there is an unsafe gas in the vicinity.

Considering that this digital nose is going to be sniffing at a faster rate than the human nose, it means that it will be a life-saving device for people living in potential poisonous-gas areas.

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