Amazon might be working on another device, not a Kindle

After enjoying a couple years of nearly unlimited success with the Kindle, Amazon is reportedly in the planning stage to bring out another product that it will internally develop and manufacture.

The New York Times happened to come across a job listing board at Lab 126, the group that is responsible for the Kindle’s operations. With a whole litter of positions available, like Supply Chain Project Program Manager and Hardware Engineer, speculation has come up that Amazon may be looking into new products that it can make and sell itself.

For 12 years, Amazon was one of the most notable companies in the country but it never actually “made” anything. It simply sold other people’s stuff. After it earned enough money as the #1 online retailer in the world, company CEO Jeff Bezos decided he could take a risk and came out with the concept that would eventually become the Kindle.

Not only did Amazon have a big advantage in selling the device because, well, it could plaster it all over the #1 online retailer in the world for free… but it also captivated consumers because it was so different from any other product on the market. The question is whether or not the company cold capture that magic again with another product.

Amazon’s role in the product business expanded recently when it decided to start selling the Kindle outside of its own gated online store, with its flagship brick-and-mortar presence at Target stores across the country. So not only has Amazon managed to successfully create its own product but it has also worked with numerous logistical processes as well.

The Times noted that Amazon acquired a startup called Touchco last year, which specializes in multi-touch technology. The e-tailer is apparently also in discussions to buy out other hardware manufacturers.

What other kind of product could Amazon bring out that would be unique? I’m guessing it would have to be some kind of portable media player or tablet – something that would access Amazon’s other digital media capabilities like Amazon MP3 and Video on Demand.