Amazon lets you get a Verizon Thunderbolt for $130

Limited-time sale makes 4G LTE more affordable than ever.

Amazon is discounting the flagship Verizon 4G phone for nearly 50% its regular price, to just $129.99 this weekend. That is if you sign up for a new two-year service agreement, of course.

The carrier’s standard subsidized price for the device is $250.

The Thunderbolt has garnered largely positive reviews not only for its high-resolution display and impressive technical specs, but also for showing off just how fast Verizon’s brand new next-generation mobile network is.

Running on a mobile standard called Long Term Evolution (LTE), it is more powerful than the other 4G networks from AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint, all of which, though faster than every existing 3G infrastructure in the country, cannot hold a candle to the download speeds reached on LTE.

The only problem is the Thunderbolt’s $250 price point, which makes it just about the most expensive phone on the market. All other mobile providers offer 4G handsets at a more affordable price.

So Amazon’s sale could strum up new interest from budget-conscious consumers, as long as they do not currently have Verizon service or their Verizon contract just expired. Those are the only customers who qualify for the special pricing.

Amazon’s offer lasts though this weekend only.