Amazon adding "real page numbers" to Kindle books

So if you’re that person who belongs to a book club and insists on using an e-reader, you may find yourself lost when people ask you to turn to page 112. Most e-books don’t offer the same page numbers as the print version of the book, but Amazon is changing that.

As part of the next Kindle update, Amazon will be focusing on placing page numbers that correspond to the physical print versions of its vast collection of digital books. The online retailer says it has already done this with “thousands” of its titles.

“Our customers have told us they want real page numbers that match the page numbers in print books so they can easily reference and cite passages, and read alongside others in a book club or class. Rather than add page numbers that don’t correspond to print books, which is how page numbers have been added to e-books in the past, we’re adding real page numbers that correspond directly to a book’s print edition,” wrote Amazon in a blog post.

Additionally, the new update will add “Public Notes,” allowing users to add a note in between the digital lines of a book, just like they always have, but now they can make those notes publicly available online for other readers to see.

Also, rating books becomes easier as a menu will appear when users reach the final page of a book, offering instant access to social networking features and recommendations so users can share what they thought of the book.

And finally, newspapers and magazines will get a new layout, offering greater flexibility for readers and content creators alike.