Amazon accidentally offers Android Market sneak peek

Yes, Rovio’s new Angry Birds game will be sold on Amazon’s long-awaited digital app storefront. But what does the Market actually look like? 

And how does it differ from Google’s official Android Market?

Well, managed to catch a brief glimpse of Amazon’s storefront, which apparently, is still under heavy renovation. 

“This morning, just for funzies, I entered in the address bar and found myself on a site with a horizontal slider. 48 apps were shown there,” wrote Frank from AndroidNews.

“Clicking on one of them doesn’t lead anywhere but the home page. It doesn’t matter, if you try it on a desktop or mobile browsers.”

Unsurprisingly, Amazon pulled the above-mentioned link hours later, but not before snapped a couple of revealing screenshots.

A number of popular apps were listed, including Zenonia, Raging Thunder II, SetCPU, The Moron Test and SwiftKey.

Although most of the prices were similar to those on Google’s Android Market, Will Shanklin of Android Police discovered there were a few sweet deals to be had.

For example, Scan2PDF Mobile costs $6.44 in the Market but only $3.99 on Amazon. Meanwhile, photography app Vignette, which is priced at $4.02 from Google, is just $2.49 at Amazon.

Of course, the above-mentioned prices aren’t publicly listed, so it is too early to tell if Amazon will alter the costs around launch time.

Still, Amazon is likely to price its Android apps quite aggressively so that it can effectively compete with Google.