Advantages of Living in a Smart Home

Gone are the days when traditional home designs used to rule the market. Today smart homes are in trend. Smart homes with smart and modern amenities are catching the attention of every home buyer. And why not, they are comfortable, stylish and easy to maintain. Lately, a lot has been talked about IOT (internet of things) which is the next big thing in the smart home market. And it’s too early to predict or say how the smart home in the era of IOT would be, still so much is being said about it.

With all modern amenities and facilities, smart homes really rock. If you are a looking to buy a new home and seeking all the information then this blog is going to help you.

Recreation, Shopping & Lifestyle

Smart homes can take advantage of local stores and recreational areas that surround the community. Buyers looking to purchase house and land packages in Ipswich, Brisbane can benefit from such planning and infrastructure. Being surrounded by clothes stores, banks, supermarkets and recreational spots like local parks, stadiums, playgrounds and clubhouses allow a convenient lifestyle for residents which go hand in hand with the smart home future.

Not sure what ingredients you have to make dinner after your time at the gym? Just use your smart fridge to tell you what you’re running low on so you can remember what to pick up at the store. Better yet, just let your Amazon Alexa unit order it for you.


Smart homes not only give importance to the convenience and comfort of residence but also place great emphasis on preserving local nature, conservation efforts and sustainability. The main areas of concern are tree retention, water saving techniques, recycling green waste, separation of dry waste and many more.

A well-equipped smart house can have significant benefits for our individual and collective carbon footprints. For example, Google Nest can tell when you’re not in the house and therefore make sure that the central heating consumption is reduced for the periods of time when you’re not at home. What about Tesla’s new roof tiles? These are claimed to be the future of solar power. Their multiple designs and ease of implementation have seen them dominate international headlines all over the globe, it’s only a matter of time before this product scales and is considered the norm for new home builds, saving everyday consumers thousands on energy bills but also reducing our impact on the environment.

Security and Safety

Keep an eye on your kids and pets with the latest smart technology for video monitoring, motion detecting and smart locks. This can be linked up to your smart phone so that you are alerted if someone is at your door or even be used for you to tell your dog to get off the couch through a smart speaker.

Another benefit of this technology is that it can end up saving you money on your home insurance. Due to its efficiency, smart home technology offers considerable safety and security benefits. So next time you’re due a home security overhaul, think about thermostats, smoke and carbon detectors, motion detectors, moisture and humidity sensors and a top of the range security system that uses connected technology.

Families that are ready to adopt the smart living lifestyle now have a multitude of options to choose from right across Australia right from big cities to smaller suburban areas such as Ipswich in south west Brisbane are attracting buyers.