Ad traffic grows on Android as iPhone falls flat

One advertising firm has revealed that its reach on Android devices has only continued to grow while an iPhone plateau is causing Apple to take a backseat, suggesting the iPhone is losing ground in a very important market.

Millenial Media reported in its latest study that Android phones are now driving 26% of all mobile ad traffic. That’s still far behind the iPhone’s dominant 48%. However, when you realize that just a few months ago Android was under 20%, and the iPhone was above 50%, it’s clear where the trending is occurring.

Interestingly, the Blackberry platform is also seeing moderate growth. It’s now standing at 19%, although market share of actual Blackberry phones in terms of handset sales continues to decline. Blackberry, however, is pushing out more ads to existing customers in order to make up for its shortfall.

The iPhone was the single leading device in terms of ad traffic. It took in 28.3% of all mobile ads. However, the numbers are somewhat skewed because this factors in every version of the iPhone, unlike Android devices that are broken up by phone. The Droid, as expected, drove the most individual ad traffic among Android phones. It took 9.44%, slotting it in second place behind the iPhone.

In terms of manufacturers, again Apple was at the top driving 28.32% of all ad traffic. Samsung was actually in second place at 15.46%, but that’s likely because of the sheer volume of devices it has on the market. Droid maker Motorola hit the third spot at 14.32% followed by Blackberry’s Research in Motion at 10.97%. Every other manufacturer was near or below 5%.

Apple is currently working on an innovative mobile ad platform. No one really has made huge inroads in this industry and it’s unclear exactly how much effect current mobile ads have. Apple of course is leading here because of its exhaustively dominant market share in sales, but given how many more iPhones are on the market, it should have a much higher presence. This is Android’s big chance to pull out the rug from under the iPhone.