97% of tablet Web traffic comes from iPad

A lot of non-iPad tablets are finally starting to makes waves around the world, but a new study shows just how much of an uphill battle they face.

The iPad is still far and away the most popular tablet on the market, raking in the majority of sales and getting most of the attention from tablet-specific app developers.

But perhaps the most striking statistic comes from Comscore, which just released numbers about which tablets are driving Internet traffic.

The leading online analytics firm found that a massive 97% of Web traffic in the US initiated through a tablet device came from the iPad and iPad 2.

The closest competitor was Android, followed by Blackberry, each of which barely made a mark on the scales.

Of course, to give some context to these seemingly unbelievable numbers, Comscore also took a step back and calculated how much total Internet traffic was actually being driven by tablets.

Only 1.8% of all online browsing activity in the US comes from tablets, while 93.3% come from computers and 4.6% come from mobile phones.

In the latter category, Android is winning, with recent Comscore rankings showing that Android phones account for 54% of all mobile phone-driven Web traffic, compared to just 36% for the iPhone.

If you combine tablets and phones together, Android is driving more traffic than iOS.

So what this report tells us more than anything is the tablet market is still in its infancy and there’s a long way to go. If Apple can keep that stranglehold, or at least a fraction thereof, however, it could turn into a very lucrative advantage.