Report: Google prepping Android TV

Google’s original TV platform wasn’t exactly a stellar success in the hyper-competitive marketplace. 

Nevertheless, Mountain View is apparently ready to once again jump on the set-top box bandwagon with a new device known as Android TV.

According to The Verge and Liliputing, the new platform is designed to be simpler and easier to use, with an emphasis on apps specifically designed for the TV. 

In addition, Android TV is reportedly equipped with a user interface based on scrolling cards for apps, movies, TV shows, games and other content.

“Instead of navigating with a complicated remote control with a QWERTY keyboard, you’ll be able to navigate with a 4-way direction pad. It also supports voice controls,” Linder explained.

“Google is hoping to encourage app developers to create third-party music, video, and other apps that have a consistent look and feel so that if you know how to navigate one, you’ll be able to navigate all of them.”

As expected, Google’s new platform will support a wide range of existing apps, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Songza, Pandora and VEVO.

It remains unclear how Google’s set-top box will fare against other set-top boxes in the already crowded space, which includes veteran favorites like Roku and newcomers such as Amazon’s fireTV.