9 most human-like robots in the world

Robots are everywhere. Whether they help us in our everyday lives or threaten the existence of man in fiction movies, they do not live indifferent. But when they start to resemble us, we can’t help but feel somehow uneasy…

Here is a selection of the most beautiful, but also, disturbing and human-like robots around! Feel free to tell us about the most realistic, strange, disturbing robots you know.

Sophia – she wants to create a family and push out humans.

Sophia is a young, beautiful robot (created in April 2015 by Hanson Robotics) and like many real women, her dream is to produce a family, as she announced during an interview by an American channel. She can have a conversation, move, and is very expressive (she can reproduce up to 62 expressions). She also announced that she wanted to destroy humanity. Friendly enough, right!

This is Scarlett Johansson

A Scarlett fan who went a little too far; Perhaps. Nevertheless, Ricky Ma is a 43 years old designer who created this robot in 2016 with the effigy of the actress. The skeleton of the android was realized thanks to a 3D printer, then the visible parts of its body were covered with silicone to create a peach skin!

The young Kodomoroid and Otonaroid, the adult

Two androids with feminine appearance, striking realism. Kodomoroid, which is the contraction of “kodomo” (child in Japanese) and android, and Otonaroid (Otono means adult in Japanese), were presented at the Miraikan, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in June 2014. Their role: interact with the public, present news, read messages on Twitter … They even held a press conference that you can discover here!

Geminoid HI-1: “self-portrait”

Hiroshi Ishiguro is a Japanese roboticist, who also directed Kodomoroid and Otonaroid. The series of robots “Geminoid” are supposed to be avatars of people who actually exist, and to represent them, in “telepresence”: they record the voice and the gestures of the people that they must represent. So here is his “avatar” created in 2009, which looks a little angry!

Geminoid DK, the Dane

Ishiguro also created Geminoid DK, which takes the features of Henrik Scharfe, a Danish professor from the University of Aalborg. The robot was unveiled in 2011.

Geminoid F, considered “the sexiest”

Developed in 2010, by Hiroshi Ishiguro, Geminoid F represents a 20 year old woman who exists in reality! Geminoid F has since become an actress since she plays one of the main roles of the Japanese film Sayônara, directed by Koji Fukada in 2015, which depicts a post-apocalyptic world in which humans and robots cohabit.

Jia Jia, the android from China

Jia Jia was created by engineers from the Heifei University of Science and Technology in China. It was first unveiled in April 2016 and then this year, in January. She is now able to hold a conversation, to distinguish between men and women, and will eventually be able to perform tasks for restaurants or retirement homes.

Realdoll Sexual Robots

Realdoll, a company specializing in sex dolls, seems to want to give a little more life to these dolls … The CEO announced that by the end of 2017, Realdoll robots would be marketed: the dolls will be equipped, among other things, with sensors in certain places which will make them “react” to touch, they will be able to follow the user’s eyes and respond accordingly.

Animatronic Babies by Babyclon

These fully robotic dolls and yet very realistic still plunge us into the disturbing valley! They were created by Babyclon, a company specializing in the creation of ultra-realistic “babies” called Reborn. This time, the brand has gone farther since it has created babies that are able to “suck” teats, to give the illusion that they breathe … They can be controlled by your smartphone.

Do you know any human-like robot next door? We would like to know your neighbor.