$88 Android tablet spotted in the wild?

A very reasonably priced Android-powered tablet was recently spotted making the rounds at Computex 2010 in Taiwan. But does the 5-inch device have what it takes to make it in the crowded and Apple iPad-dominated marketplace?

Well, according to Android Community, the Acorp EM501R tablet is powered by a 600MHz Rockchip (ARM9) and offers support for 720p video.

The device also features an HDMI output, microSD slot, 3.5mm jack, Wi-Fi and Android 1.5 (supposedly upgradeable to Froyo).

“The touch screen is resistive and there is a stylus included to help you navigate through the resistive screen. Its looks almost identical to the Dell Streak, it even has the same red color scheme on the back,” wrote David Junior of Android Community.

“If you buy in bulk, you can purchase these for $88, bulk meaning 1,000. The representative also said that there will be one with a faster processor releasing later this year, [but] we’ll see if any of this happens.”

So, what do you think? 

Personally, I believe the success of Android-based tablets such as the Acorp EM501R are contingent upon their ability to run the latest version of Google’s popular mobile OS: Froyo 2.2.

Of course, that doesn’t mitigate the importance of decent hardware specs and a fast processor. Not all all.