3D printing of blood vessels goes to clinical trials

Saga University in Japan and startup Cyfuse Biomedical have been working together on breakthrough technologies in bio-printing. Their research is leading to potential go to market solutions in the near future.

According to Kyle Maxey at Engineering.com:

Taking cells from a patient’s skin, researchers have been able to print arteries that can be used in dialysis treatment and coronary artery bypass surgery.According to Cyfuse, the new technique uses an array of 10mm long by 0.1mm diameter nozzles to build layers of cells that combine to make blood vessels. To increase or decrease the thickness and size of their blood vessels, researchers can elongate and increase the density of nozzles used by their printer. 

It’s all good news, irrespective of who gets to market first. Bio-printing may revolutionize health and medicine in ways that can only be imagined in a sci-fi story.