85% prefer iPad over expensive Galaxy Tab

It turns out people really aren’t too crazy about Samsung’s supposed iPad killer, the Galaxy Tab, as an astoundingly low 15% said they would prefer the new tablet option.

Even though the iPad is a much more well-known device and it should be expected to be the preferred option, this statistic, which AppleInsider.com is referencing from analyst group Piper Jaffray, is still kind of shocking.

The problem lies with how people look at the two devices side-by-side. They see the iPad and think of it as a big multimedia powerhouse with hundreds of thousands of apps available. Then they see the Galaxy Tab as a rushed-together, small imitation without as much content or power available.

Regardless of what is actually under the hood, consumers perceive the Galaxy Tab to be worth much less. According to Piper Jaffray, consumers’ “perceived value” of the iPad is $417. Meanwhile, the same data found people only valuing the Galaxy Tab at $283. In real life, they both sell for around the same price.

The question is whether Samsung should lower the price of the Tab, or if it’s just doing a terrible job getting people to realize the value of it. After all, every Tab is 3G-capable, it will soon be available with all the major carriers, and its Internet browser can run flash media.

But even Google has said the current iterations of Android aren’t optimal for tablet devices. Samsung, though, wants to try to break into the market before it becomes muddled with other competitors. As such, it comes off as a bit rushed.

There can be, and there needs to be, a rival to the iPad. But it just doesn’t feel like the Galaxy Tab is it.