Owning an iPhone makes you king of stupid

The Daily Fail has released one of the dumbest stories we have ever seen claiming that iPhone users are more intelligent than the rest of the riff-raff who do not waste their cash on overpriced toys.

Quoting a survey by Ladbrokes, British newspaper the Daily Mail makes the outrageous claim that owning an Apple handset makes you smarter than a Samsung, BlackBerry and HTC owner.

The conclusion is based on an app Ladbrokes created – an online test designed to test people’s wits. It provided a thousand smartphone users seven brainteasers. IPhone users apparently were the fastest at solving the problem so, according to the Dail Fail that means that they were more intelligent.

BlackBerry users were the most stupid, hackett Victoria Woollaston concluded; using the sort of reasoning that indicated she was an iPhone user.

Each question has four possible answers and a participant has to select the correct answer before moving onto the next teaser. The questions were things like “how many 9s are there between 1 and 100” and “how many months have 28 days”.

Each user is asked to select the make of handset before completing the test, and a timer in the top right-hand corner records their speed.

Now clearly there is something wrong with the logic. No one who pays over the odds for the same shiny toy once a year because someone tells them to is going to be the sharpest. In fact, Apple famously designs its toys because its users are too stupid to have a proper phone. That is not a criticism, someone has to make phones for people who cannot replace a battery, but the idea that they are more intelligent than others is just too silly to contemplate.

If Apples make you more intelligent then why was the fastest test of all completed by a Samsung owner? Not only that, but he did it at half the speed of an average iPhone user. Yet the test placed Samsung users as a whole in third place. So if owning a Samsung makes you stupid why was one person able to complete the test super-fast?

In second place were Google Nexus owners, who completed the test just five seconds slower, on average, than top place Apple. Yet the Nexus runs the same operating system as the Samsung and it would be hard for many users to tell them apart. HTC owners were fourth while people with Nokia were deemed the dumbest.

There are a number of weakpoints in the data-gathering exercise. To participate you have to be the sort of person who downloads an app which claims to measure your intelligence with seven brain teasers. It takes a special type of person to believe that concept. They come from a gene pool which mostly includes readers of magazines with lots of picture of celebs and, er, the Daily Mail. 

Therefore, the survey is a cross section of stupid people. Reading the survey in another way you can say “Apple users are the kings and queens of the stupid people” and you have got a more statistically provable story, although not one that Apple would want to market”.


Source: TechEye