PS4: launch date sales marred by reports of hardware failure

Sony’s launch of its new PlayStation 4 has been blighted by a “blue light of death” syndrome. While some are touting its sales on the first day, there is a surge of bad vibes emanating from the interwebs about hardware failure.

While Reuters has been singing praises about how wonderful the PS4 sales have been doing and telling us that the outfit has sold a million of them, it appears to have failed to notice that some people can’t get them to go. It also failed to notice that the one million figure consisted of pre-orders.

More credible news sources, such as Reddit’s PlayStation hub has collected 91 separate incidents of console failure.

The Verge seems keen to dismiss the complaints as hoaxes. “None of the Manhattan-based stores contacted by The Verge had seen any PS4 returns based on the issues,” it pointed out.

The implication is, according to the slighty-joking-but-probably-not Fark news site that Xbox fanboys were planting bogus reviews.

However, the Verge does admit that it is a little harder to ignore the fact that nearly 40 percent of the PS4 reviews on Amazon are one-star reviews complaining of hardware failure.

The official PS4 support forums have been overwhelmed by complaints of broken units. A Sony representative said less than .four percent of units are affected.

“We are closely monitoring for additional reports, but we think these are isolated incidents and are on track for a great launch.”

Sony needed this like a hole in the head. Already the outfit had managed to stuff up the launch of the PS4 by charging those who want to use it to play against others online. Sony plans to charge a monthly fee of $9.99 in the United States and 6.99 euro in Europe for playing multiplayer online games in a move that will anger its fan base. Of course, if the machine is broken, it needs to have to worry about a backlash against this. 

Source: TechEye