Your Gmail inbox just got pumped

Google just gave you some new features in Gmail that add a level of functionality to email that makes it more than email. It’s like they don’t want you to go anywhere else but Google. Aw. Google likes me. It really, really likes me.

Google’s Official Gmail Blog calls them new quick action buttons to help you wade through your email more efficiently in your busy, busy life. Specially with the holidays around the corner and all kinds of things happening: tracking packages, checking in for flights, or making sure you keep tabs on Cousin Jethro. So, look for new buttons to help you dig through the detritus of your digital communications.


For example, you can rate and review restaurants you ordered from on Seamless and even modify OpenTable reservations—all without opening an email. And for the deal lovers out there, you can conveniently save a promotion from Google Offers with one click, making it easy to find and buy it when you’re ready.

Fair enough, that’s great. Action buttons are good. They are short cuts that can be helpful. I get it.

Then, there’s this:


RSVP to events, rate restaurants, see your flight details and real-time flight status, and interact with your favorite services – right from the inbox. Certain types of messages show buttons and key information so you can quickly take action.

Rating restaurants gets done without opening the message or leaving your email. Watching a movie happens outside of Gmail but it makes sure you realize you have to realize you are leaving Gmail. But, I can’t imaging why you’ll want to watch YouTube outside of Gmail once Google integrates it, and integrate it they will. That’s a little creepy. Non, ma cherie?

While these activities inside of Gmail are still subject to restrictions imposed by you, ie, you have to be interacting with a service that you are already signed up for, it still leaves Google valeting a lot of your online activities. Increasingly more than feels comfortable.

Google may not be sharing your data, but it is getting to know a lot about you and what you do. I still think it is creepy when Google ads in Gmail are so closely related to keywords in private email messages. 

But, why quibble. I am a lazy bastard who just wants to click less, and you have to think that once you are on a mobile device, as you will ultimately be most of the time, you are not going to want to hop windows and apps so, thanks Google. You are so nice and thoughtful. 

Google, darling, maybe I can give you a key so you don’t have to wait for me to come home to let you in. I think we are at that stage in our relationship. I surrender myself to you completely, my love.