The Ostrich Pillow Light: power napping will rock your world

We are power nappers. Well, actually, we just fall asleep at our desk. A lot. The original Ostrich Pillow was on our Christmas list. The new, Ostrich Pillow Light may become our best friend. This could be the single greatest invention we have seen this weekend.

According to the fundraisers behind the Ostrich Pillow Light, commuters spend an average of 1 hour a day commuting to and from work each day. In addition, the amount of time we sleep is taking a hit: 7 hours in Europe, 6 hours in USA and even less in Japan.

But, for those of you not living in Los Angeles, who have no access to decent public transport, you can power nap. Aha! No, you can’t because, the train/bus/donkey cart you take to work is smelly, crowded and the neon, oh, the neon. 

But, a 20 minute power nap can increase your productivity by 30%. Shouldn’t your boss be like all up in your grill, begging to give you anything you need to make that happen? He could give you a sleeping pod at work, but try telling your boss that sleeping at work is a good thing. So, that’s where the Ostrich Pillow Light comes to the rescue.

Disconnect, relax, and turn your commute into a power nap revitalization transportation thing. 


You will look like this on the subway, but you shouldn’t let that stop you because, the fools will laugh at you, and the pickpockets will take your stuff, but they are the ultimate losers. They don’t know anything about power napping. You will be 30% more productive. That means, if you could only eat one donut before work before, now you can eat one donut and 2 donut holes. If you were only paying attention for 10 minutes during the last marketing seminar, now you can pay attention for 13 minutes. 



I am sold. These guys are definitely getting my money.